July 6, 2011

B&W Photography

some photos i've taken over the last couple years in black and white

(alan wrench set)

(my blinds on our sliding glass door)

(car lights on slow shutter speed)

(my friend matty's cylindrical lamp)

(sky outside my bedroom wondow)

(christmas lights)

(street lights)

(some glasses with water on my counter)

(my aunt's candy jar)

(my brother's guitar in its case)

(the sun coming through the peep-hole of the door)

(lightning shot while storm chasing)

(another lightning shot while storm chasing)

(metal and glass coffee table)

(clarissa, post-wedding bridal shots)

(top of an old car radio from my pops)

(christmas decoration...gotta love sequins)

(downtown slc, ut with petroleum jelly on lens)

(night shot of slc, ut [seen from draper looking northwest])

(light blurs at night)

(train car ogden, ut)

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