July 25, 2011

July 13, 2011

July 12, 2011

Personal Project:Title Screen

as an intern i have this personal project where i pick a classic disney movie and create the UI if it were really going to be made into a game by avalanche. as you can tell i picked the sword in the stone. so far i have a good chunk of my title screen done (with animation). i've changed my mind about the menu so many times i'm not sure where it's going anymore...but hopefully i can decide soon.
this is a little bit of how my title screen will look. when it's not static, it will have snow-like stars twinkling down from the sky

July 11, 2011


if you ever need some inspiration for creating textures this site has a bunch and they are awesome!

July 10, 2011

Clarissa Type Face

High School Work

so i was going through all my saved files and i found a bunch of stuff i did in high school :)
acrylic paint on cd jewel cases mounted on a board with paint swatch background 
lacquer thinner transfers with prisma color

spray paint stencil over inkjet printed background

lacquer thinner transfer from photograph with prisma color and acrylic


2 images cut and weaved together

acrylic. (reference: pixellated image of my sister converted to monochromatic scale)

gesso transfer, acrylic and sharpie

mixed media

spray paint and gesso transfer

Photography: Macro Set 2

Photography: Macro Set 1